White strains

The white button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) is the most commonly known and grown mushroom in the world. Amycel has strains to suit your growing conditions and marketing needs.

Amycel’s white strains have been developed primarily for the fresh market where high quality is required.  However, the strains can be grown to supply mushrooms for processing.



A premium off-white hybrid strain which produces a large heavy bodied mushroom. Phoenixx is an aggressive and productive strain with produces competitive yields.

xxx2.jpgTRIPLE X

Our most vigorous off-white hybrid which is faster in all phases of growing and production. Triple X produces mushrooms with excellent quality and density, and is suited for a wide range of growing conditions.



A more moderate pinner compared to our other off-white hybrids. Delta can be tailored to produce a wide variety of size mixes, and is suited for growers looking to produce superior quality mushrooms to compete in the fresh market.

Brown strains

Amycel's patented brown hybrids are the two most widely grown brown mushroom strains grown in the world. They are prized for their color, shape, and productivity.  Amycel’s hybrid brown strains are known for their productivity and tissue density. Heirloom and Brawn are patent protected and only available from Amycel.

heirloom2.jpg HEIRLOOM

A heavy-bodied brown hybrid mushroom which is well suited for both portabella and crimini production.  Heirloom is the number one selling brown hybrid in the world, and is genetically unique and cannot be cross CAC'ed with any other brown strain.


A brown hybrid mushroom which often produces a darker cap than Heirloom, and is well suited for growers looking to produce a variety of size mixes.  Brawn is ideal for growers looking for an alternative to heirloom, and is genetically unique and cannot be cross CAC'ed with Heirloom or any other brown strain on the market.